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10 Funniest Saturday Night Live Sketches Starring Kristen Wiig ...

Jun 19, 2012 . The very best of Kristen Wiig on SNL. . we're taking a look back at some of her funniest all-time characters and sketches. . Just kidding.

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A Salute to Every Hilarious Kristen Wiig Character — Except Gilly

Kristen Wiig is a comic genius. So our hearts went pitter-patter . She just tells a quick succession of lies followed by "just kidding." Why We Love Her: We hate .


[VIDEO] Kristen Wiig Hosts 'Saturday Night Live': Best and Worst ...

May 12, 2013 . Kristen Wiig Hosts Saturday Night Live: Watch Video of the Best and Worst . visits to Wiig's more popular characters from her seven seasons as an SNL regular. . I wanted the “Just kidding” lady on Weekend Update but the 2 .

Watch Saturday Night Live: Update: Judy Grimes online | Free | Hulu

Watch Saturday Night Live: Update: Judy Grimes free online.

Saturday Night Live - Update: Judy Grimes - Video - NBC.com

Anna Faris hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Duffy. . Video. All " Saturday Night Live" Videos . May 11 - Kristen Wiig. Air Date: 5/11/2013 . Fred and Andy present new cast member, Bobby Moynihan! . She is totally just kidding.

judy grimes | Tumblr

This is a list of what I think Kristen Wiig's best characters on SNL are: 1. Judy Grimes. image. Improv genius!! 2. Target Lady. image. APPROVED!! 3. Penelope .

SNL Quotes & Characters - Pinterest

These are the characters new & old who still make me smile....along with quotes that . Just kidding, actually it's another hilarious SNL character by Kristen Wiig.

Kristen Wiig Leaves SNL: Kristen Wiig's Best SNL Characters | Gurl ...

May 21, 2012. performance this weekend. Here are some of our favorite Kristen Wiig characters from SNL. . of Wiig's worst characters. Just kidding! Bjork .

Top 10 Kristen Wiig moments on SNL - VIDEOS - TV

Oct 15, 2008 . Ever since her Saturday Night Live debut in 2005, Kristen Wiig has been stealing scenes and startling viewers with her strange, high-energy characters. . The speed of Judy Grime's "just kidding, just kidding" puts Penelope's .

Kristen Wiig 'Saturday Night Live' sketches we want to see ...

Apr 26, 2013 . Kristen Wiig coming back to host 'SNL': What we do and don't want to see . Wiig cemented herself as one of the funniest SNL cast members of all time. . Wiig got through one of Grimes signature ”just kidding” monologues.

Kristen Wiig's Best Impressions On 'SNL' Supercut: Kris Jenner ...

Dec 9, 2011 . Kristen Wiig , Saturday Night Live , Funny Videos , Snl , Video , Lorne . But she's equally comfortable with imaginary characters (like Barbie) .

[VIDEO] Kristen Wiig Returns To 'SNL' - Deadline

May 12, 2013 . Kristen Wiig came back to host the show that made her a star a year after her tearful "graduation" send-off. But even old . SNL can still be funny, but Kristen Wiig's characters just all fell flat last night. . Are you kidding me?

Top 10: Kristen Wiig's Best 'SNL' Sketches - ScreenCrush

May 20, 2012 . Saturday night marked the season finale of 'SNL,' but it was also a farewell to . her intense nervousness by adding, “Just kidding” after everything she says. It's not as laugh out loud funny as some of Wiig's other characters, .

Kristen Wiig's 6 best 'Saturday Night Live' characters - TODAY.com

May 10, 2013 . Kristen Wiig's 6 best 'Saturday Night Live' characters . number of words into a sentence, most of which are her catchphrase "Just kidding.

SNL Transcripts: Kristen Wiig

Saturday Night Live Transcripts. Kristen Wiig : Cast Member .

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    The 30 Best Saturday Night Live Characters :: Blogs :: List of the Day ...

    Feb 14, 2012 . The 30 Best <i>Saturday Night Live</i> Characters. Page 1 of 4 . Judy Grimes – Kristen Wiig Judy Grimes is a . Just kidding, SNL loves her.

    Getty Images

    SNL Cast Crisis — Bill Hader Leaving Saturday Night Live ... - Variety

    May 19, 2013 . The Coming Cast Crisis at 'Saturday Night Live' . it was Bill Hader's turn to say goodbye, just as Kristen Wiig had done the previous season. . Kristin Wiig left the venerable sketch series last May. . Are you kidding me?

    Getty Images

    Its Official: Kristen Wiig is Leaving 'Saturday Night Live' - Yahoo ...

    May 20, 2012 . Wiig joined the cast of SNL during its 31st season and made her first . the least nervous travel agent you will ever meet (just kidding) who .

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    SNL Finale: Goodbye Kristen Wiig, Hello Lazy Sunday 2 from ...

    May 21, 2012 . SNL Finale: Goodbye Kristen Wiig, Hello Lazy Sunday 2 . That being said, the cast is still pretty damn stellar. I mean, Fred . I wish she did the character who talks a mile a minute and says "Just kidding" seventy times.

    Getty Images

    Longtime cast member Kristen Wiig bids SNL adieu | Nerve.com

    May 20, 2012 . Kristen Wiig has left "SNL" after seven years on the show. . to have seen would have been Wiig as the nervous "just kidding" lady squared off .

    Kristen Wiig characters on SNL (Clickable) - Sporcle

    May 21, 2012 . Play the Kristen Wiig characters on SNL (Clickable) Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia and game site on the web!

    Kristen Wiig Has Retired Two of Her SNL Characters -- Vulture

    May 3, 2011 . Kristen Wiig Has Retired Two of Her SNL Characters. By Kyle . And "just kidding I'm kidding just kidding I'm not kidding." Baby-hands was .

    Kristen Wiig's Top 12 Characters/Impressions From SNL ...

    Aug 23, 2010 . Kristen Wiig's Top 12 Characters/Impressions From SNL . Her, “just kidding”, rants go on and on and it is unbelievable how Kristen is able to .

    Here's The Thing: Kristen Wiig Transcript - WNYC

    Apr 9, 2012 . Kristen Wiig's characters on Saturday Night Live are exercises in juxtaposition. . It was just joking around with my friends. I flew out there and it .

    The Best (and Worst) of Kristen Wiig - thebacklot.com - Gay

    Apr 5, 2012 . To wit, here are some of the biggest hits and misses of Wiig's SNL career: . was the familiar refrain from then-fellow cast member Will Forte, which . self- conscious that she spews rapid-fire, “just kidding” non-sequiturs like a .

    'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Mick Jagger Rocked, Kristen Wiig ...

    'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Mick Jagger Rocked, Kristen Wiig Bowed Out . Just kidding, the lively (seriously, does this guy ever slow down?) rocker turned out .

    The Influence of Anxiety: Kristen Wiig, SNL, and Self-Consciousness ...

    May 25, 2012 . Of the many characters that Wiig has played over the last seven years at SNL . What we find in Wiig's work on SNL is not just an actor who has mastered her . set of untruths, about which she is always ultimately “just kidding.

    SUNDAY MORNING LIVE: Is It Really Possible That Kristen Wiig's ...

    May 12, 2013 . All of your questions about the Kristen Wiig-hosted episode will be answered after the jump. . While Wiig was on SNL, the show stopped trying to find new characters for her, . No wait, I'm just kidding about just kidding.

    SNL Kristen Wiig Skits? - Ask.com

    Kristen Wiig bid a nostalgic departure to the SNL arena this Saturday night. Clad in a nude dress, Wiig entertained us as she danced and held her cast fellows. . Who is the fast talking comic who always says just kidding on snl. Kristen Wiig is .

    Kristen Wiig 'SNL' Recap: 5 Of the Best Skits - PolicyMic

    May 11, 2013 . I re-watched Kristen Wiig skits and tried to do my best Target lady impression in the mirror . It's what has won her comparisons to comedy legend and pioneer from the original SNL cast, Gilda Radner. . Okay, just kidding.

    Are Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis Leaving ...

    Apr 4, 2012 . Is the face of Saturday Night Live about to change drastically? Cast members Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis are reportedly . This show is rarely funny anymore, in fact it's tough just getting . FOX, the insider isn't kidding when they say these departures would be a huge blow to the show.

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Memo to “Saturday Night Live”: Kristen Wiig must be stopped

Feb 13, 2009 . Kristin Wiig is the funniest person on SNL. her annoying characters are the . just kidding. i think that kristen wiig is one of the best on snl. just .

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Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced ...

Judy Grimes is Weekend Update's Travel Expert, played by Kristen Wiig. Grimes . she often uses the phrase "just kidding" to punctuate her run-on sentences.

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For Kristen Wiig, an Uncharted Path From 'SNL' to Movie Stardom ...

Apr 23, 2012 . So look out, Hollywood, here comes Wiig, right? To quote my favorite SNL creation of hers, the nerve-addled Judy Grimes, "Just kidding!

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Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig, Sailing or Sunk? [TV Recap ...

May 12, 2013 . Perhaps the very first of Wiig's “familiar absurdist” characters is the Target . It's really a closed market for Kristen on these guys (just kidding.).

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Ten Recurring 'SNL' Characters Who Should Have Been One-Offs ...

Jan 17, 2012 . I still wanna fuck Kristen Wiig . stupid clothes laughing at random shit that was changed on the fly), Kristin Wig's “Just Kidding” character and .

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Judy Grimes - Saturday Night Live Wiki

SNL Kristen Wiig - Judy Grimes. Judy Grimes. Occupation: Weekend Update's Travel Expert. Catch Phrase(s): "Just kidding..." "Hiiii!" . Characters. Add category .

Instagram photos for tag #kristenwiig | Statigram

Just me? #snl #saturdatnightlive #judygrimes #kristenwiig #instaphoto . katiejane304 : #justkidding . caitforshort : Probably one of my type 5 fave characters.

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SNL Cast - Bios and Photos - HubPages

Sep 9, 2009 . Many people wonder if they can simply go and just "try out" for SNL. . Kristin Wiig. Kristin Wiig made a splash on SNL with her original character, "The Target Lady." Portraying . Just kidding I don't just kidding I do. She's an .

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Dave Grohl interviews Kristen Wiig - Interview magazine, May '11

During her six seasons on Saturday Night Live, the cast of indelible characters that Kristen Wiig has unleashed on the late-night viewing public have become .

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'SNL' welcomes back Wiig, Affleck as season's final hosts

Apr 26, 2013 . On May 11, Kristen Wiig will return to Studio 8H as a host for the first time since . A cast member on SNL for seven years, Wiig has several feature film projects . I' d really like to see Judy Grimes and her 'Just Kidding' spiel.

Kristen Wiig broke a tooth at her final 'SNL' after-party and other ...

Jul 10, 2012 . Kristen Wiig broke a tooth at her final 'SNL' after-party and other revelations from Marie Claire . “I'm on the cover of Marie Claire ... just kidding.

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Kristen Wiig Has A Solution For Global Warming - Jezebel

Nov 18, 2011 . As long as she doesn't invite SNL characters like Gilly or Target . In Funny Or Die's latest, Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig thinks she . Just kidding I'm just suffering from allergies and sensitive to light .

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Kristen Wiig on Paul, SNL future and Gilly

Kristen Wiig realizes that not everyone is going to universally love every single character that she creates on Saturday Night . You're one of the few SNL cast members who started on the show during the middle of a season. . I'm just kidding.

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