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"Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update correspondent Judy Grimes ...

Sep 18, 2008 . Description: "Saturday Night Live" skit featuring Kristen Wiig as Judy Grimes, a nervous travel expert who can't help but remind people she's .

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[VIDEO] Kristen Wiig Returns To 'SNL' - Deadline

May 12, 2013 . SNL can still be funny, but Kristen Wiig's characters just all fell flat last night. . Are you kidding me? . The acupuncture skit from last night was great, as was Kristen Wiig and Aidy Bryant's (who we definitely need to see more .


Kristen Wiig 'SNL' Recap: 5 Of the Best Skits - PolicyMic

May 11, 2013 . Don't make me sing ... about this episode of "SNL." . I re-watched Kristen Wiig skits and tried to do my best Target lady . Okay, just kidding.

Saturday Night Live - Update: Judy Grimes - Video - NBC.com

Anna Faris hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Duffy. . Update: Judy Grimes. Highlight She is totally just . May 11 - Kristen Wiig. Air Date: 5/11/2013 .

SNL Transcripts: Kristen Wiig

Saturday Night Live Transcripts. Kristen Wiig : Cast Member .

[VIDEO] Kristen Wiig Hosts 'Saturday Night Live': Best and Worst ...

May 12, 2013 . Kristen Wiig Hosts Saturday Night Live: Watch Video of the Best and Worst Sketches . I wanted the “Just kidding” lady on Weekend Update but the 2 . So many rehashed and recycled skits that were boring (Garth and Kat, .

Kristen Wiig's 6 best 'Saturday Night Live' characters - TODAY.com

May 10, 2013 . Kristen Wiig as Gilly on "Saturday Night Live. . astonishing number of words into a sentence, most of which are her catchphrase "Just kidding.

Watch Saturday Night Live: Update: Judy Grimes online | Free | Hulu

Watch Saturday Night Live: Update: Judy Grimes free online.

10 Funniest Saturday Night Live Sketches Starring Kristen Wiig ...

Jun 19, 2012 . The very best of Kristen Wiig on SNL. . We're still bummed that after seven hilarious years Kristen Wiig has left SNL. Wiig's . Just kidding.

Top 10 Kristen Wiig moments on SNL - VIDEOS - TV

Oct 15, 2008 . Ever since her Saturday Night Live debut in 2005, Kristen Wiig has been . The speed of Judy Grime's "just kidding, just kidding" puts Penelope's everything to shame. Also . Top 35 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Skits of All Time .

Snl funny kristen wiig skit - YouTube

Jul 14, 2012 . Megan fox snl skit part 2by eminemisthebestrocks 1,908 views · 5:07. Watch Later Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig Hilarious presenting speech at The .

Saturday Night Live - Judy Grimes: Just Kidding - Video - NBC.com

Ashton Kutcher hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Gnarls Barkley. . Judy Grimes: Just Kidding. Highlight Weekend . May 11 - Kristen Wiig. Air Date: .

SNL Kristen Wiig Skits? - Ask.com

Kristen Wiig bid a nostalgic departure to the SNL arena this Saturday night. Clad in a . Who is the fast talking comic who always says just kidding on snl. Kristen .

Top 10: Kristen Wiig's Best 'SNL' Sketches - ScreenCrush

May 20, 2012 . Top 10: Kristen Wiig's Best 'SNL' Sketches . Kristen Wiig . Travel writer Judy Grimes copes with her intense nervousness by adding, “Just .

A Salute to Every Hilarious Kristen Wiig Character — Except Gilly

Kristen Wiig is a comic genius. So our hearts went pitter-patter . She just tells a quick succession of lies followed by "just kidding." Why We Love Her: We hate .

Kristen Wiig - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carroll Kristen Wiig (/?wi??/; born August 22, 1973) is an American actress, . She survived an SNL budget cut, becoming a full member of the repertory cast at . Judy Grimes, a nervous travel agent; Jacqueline Seka, predatory host of the .

SNL - Pinterest

SNL. Photo of Jacqueline Streeter O'Connell Jacqueline .

Instagram photos for tag #kristenwiig | Statigram

#krysjenner #kristenwiig #snl #kimsweddingskit #chrishumphry . Just me? #snl #saturdatnightlive #judygrimes #kristenwiig #instaphoto #photooftheday # followme . katiejane304 : #justkidding. alexisschanel : Just kidding. Just kidding.

Kristen Wiig's Top 12 Characters/Impressions From SNL ...

Aug 23, 2010 . Kristen Wiig is so spot on with her impression of Jamie Lee Curtis, the first . Her, “just kidding”, rants go on and on and it is unbelievable how Kristen is . fun at her, I wish Suze Orman was a regular skit on SNL every week.

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    Kristen Wiig - News and Videos: April 2010

    Apr 30, 2010 . Have you seen the Saturday Night Live sketch where Kristen Wiig plays a horrible person who gets on our . This is Kristen's 5th time as Judy Grimes over the last 3 seasons. . Kristen Wiig is Janelle on Teen Talk (SNL skit) .

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    Kristen Wiig to retire Gilly and Penelope characters on 'SNL': Good ...

    May 3, 2011 . In a recent Time article about Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig . So my family semi-enjoy the skit just for that, but I'm glad to see them go. . She is just the opposite with her fast talking Judy “Just kidding” and she is a .

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    SNL Finale: Goodbye Kristen Wiig, Hello Lazy Sunday 2 from ...

    May 21, 2012 . SNL Finale: Goodbye Kristen Wiig, Hello Lazy Sunday 2 . character who talks a mile a minute and says "Just kidding" seventy times. . I loved Kristin Wiig cuz she wasn't afraid to look ugly/ridiculous is some of those skits.

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    'Saturday Night Live' recap: Kristen Wiig makes her return ...

    May 12, 2013 . With Kristen Wiig's eagerly anticipated return to SNL– after just a year away – many . Andy Sandberg and Kristen Wiig from SNL skit. . about the prize than the winners are; Judy Grimes, a nervous travel agent; Toni Ward, .

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    Memo to “Saturday Night Live”: Kristen Wiig must be stopped

    Feb 13, 2009 . kristen wiig is one of snl's best! you say her problem is that her skits are too annoyig; . I think this article is completely off track. just kidding.

    The Best (and Worst) of Kristen Wiig - thebacklot.com - Gay

    Apr 5, 2012 . To wit, here are some of the biggest hits and misses of Wiig's SNL career: . was just a GOP primary, you'd be wrong – it also was an SNL skit. . Perhaps Wiig's most enduring, demanding character of all, Judy Grimes is a .

    Kristen Wiig - Saturday Night Live Wiki

    Kristen Carroll Wiig (born August 22, 1973) is an American actress, comedian, and impressionist. She appeared as a cast member of Saturday Night Live until .

    SNL's Travel Expert Judy Grimes Takes On the VolcanoTravelogged ...

    Apr 25, 2010 . SNL's Travel Expert Judy Grimes Takes On the Volcano . ask Judy Grimes, the hilarious travel expert played by Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night .

    Saturday Night Live Recap: She's Still Dooneese -- Vulture

    May 12, 2013 . I had wondered how many of Kristen Wiig's old characters she would reprise on this, . And as expected, Hader, Armisen, and Wiig just flopped around trying to crack each . (And yet: no Judy Grimes. . Oh, yeah, the acupuncture skit was just a long, far less funny version of Ackroyd's Julia Child routine.

    Watch 'SNL' Season 38 Episode 20 Online Free: Kirsten Wigg ...

    May 12, 2013 . SNL is old tonight-just kidding; it's new! -but a lot of us have . Can't wait to see Kristen Wiig rock #SNL tonight as host! Had a blast working w/ .

    'SNL's Red Flag Perfume With Kristen Wiig A Warning Scent For ...

    Sep 25, 2011 . "SNL's" first fake commercial of its 37th season features Kristen Wiig as a gorgeous, yet completely unbalanced woman who can creep out a .

    The 30 Best Saturday Night Live Characters :: Blogs :: List of the Day ...

    Feb 14, 2012 . With the material America provided in 1975, Saturday Night Live created space for . Judy Grimes – Kristen Wiig . Just kidding, SNL loves her.

    YouTubeSkip - Kristen Wiig Funniest Impersonations

    Apr 14, 2013 . Kristen Wiig's Best Impressions On 'SNL' . The Best of Judy Grimes . Saturday Night Live's - "Real Housewives of Disney" Comedy Skit .

    Betch of the Week: Kristen Wiig - Betches Love This

    May 25, 2012 . But now that her last days of SNL have sadly come and gone, we're . Judy Grimes? . I feel like I just read the Kristin Wiig Wikipedia page.

    the shields family: the one featuring kristen wiig - Nicole Shields

    May 25, 2012 . It was Kristen Wiig's last episode on SNL. . Favorite: The Original Gilly Skit. 5. . Favorite: Judy Grimes - "You can pause me right here". 1.

    Are Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis Leaving ...

    Apr 4, 2012 . Without Andy's video shorts and Kristen saving every skit, they'll need help! . On SNL, Wiig is best known for playing the tiny-handed Dooneese Merrill . in fact it's tough just getting through some of the skits because they are just . the insider isn't kidding when they say these departures would be a huge .

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'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Mick Jagger Rocked, Kristen Wiig ...

'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Mick Jagger Rocked, Kristen Wiig Bowed Out . Just kidding, the lively (seriously, does this guy ever slow down?) rocker turned out .

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Dec 8, 2009 . As much as I like Kristen Wiig, the one character that she plays on “Saturday Night Live” that I . Every Gilly skit is six minutes of a painfully unfunny joke repeated ad nauseam. . “SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas” will air Dec. . The 2 HR Christmas special will just have to be ignored in the j4b home.

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saturday night live: Search: glamour.com

Results 1 - 20 of 100 . The Funniest Moments From Kristen Wiig's SNL Return (Oh, How We've . Why We Stay Up Late for Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers .

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Saturday Night Live - Gabourey Sidibe / MGMT -- April 24, 2010 ...

Apr 24, 2010 . A sketch by sketch review of Saturday Night Live with Gabourey Sidibe as host . Guests: Kristen Wiig's Judy "Just Kidding" Grimes shows up as a travel . Best Ever Saturday Night Live Skits Featuring Christopher WalkenMy .

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ninedaves.com - home - why yes, that was kristen wiig's last #snl ...

May 20, 2012 . wiig was present in almost every skit following, creating new character . but it's important to note that this wasn't just kristen wiig's final episode. it . to judy grimes, to aunt linda - the list of wiig characters just goes on and on.

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Kristen Wiig Leaves SNL: Kristen Wiig's Best SNL Characters | Gurl ...

May 21, 2012 . Kristen Wiig made her final SNL performance this weekend. . Kristen Wiig as a bi-curious reporter made for some of the most . Just kidding!

Kristen Wiig's Best Saturday Night Live Sketches

May 20, 2012 . Kristen Wiig's Best Saturday Night Live Sketches. Last night, Kristen Wiig bid farewell to Saturday Night Live. . Weekend Update: Judy Grimes .

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Demi Moore Curiously Absent From SNL "Cougars" Skit - Jezebel

Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig and Casey Wilson played the hosts, but midway . and so it followed that the SNL writing staff would pen a skit about a faux talk show . to everyone, but I thought Travel Expert Judy Grimes was effing hilarious!

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Overuse and Repetitive Obnoxiousness Make Kristen Wiig an All ...

Oct 31, 2010 . Kristen Wiig joined Saturday Night Live in 2005 amidst its female renaissance. . nervousness is illustrated by constant use of the phrase “just kidding. . Also, Wiig is seemingly in every single SNL skit, as if she were the host .

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Dave Grohl interviews Kristen Wiig - Interview magazine, May '11

Dave Grohl in an SNL skit. DAVE GROHL: . KRISTEN WIIG: I've just about finished my sixth season. Isn't that crazy? . WIIG: I probably lived more of a rock- star life when I was 15. I got in trouble a fair . WIIG: Are you kidding? GROHL: Yeah .

Saturday Night Live Anne Hathaway Episode Recap - SNL Season ...

Nov 20, 2010 . Read a recap of Saturday Night Live episode 1583, hosted by actress Anne Hathaway with musical guest Florence and the Machine . Just kidding. . SNL suckerpunches me with another terrible Kristen Wiig Penelope sketch .

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Kristen Wiig - Saturday Night Live - Soul Food Cafe - Blues ...

Page 1 of 3 - Kristen Wiig - posted in Saturday Night Live: Totally underused. . Nah, just kidding. . Kristen is so funny in the Suze Orman skits.

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Here's The Thing: Kristen Wiig Transcript - WNYC

Apr 9, 2012 . Kristen Wiig's characters on Saturday Night Live are exercises in juxtaposition. The repulsively . At the end of the class he was just like, “Have you ever considered doing this?” and I was . Kristen Wiig: Are you kidding me?

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