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Kristen Wiig's 6 best 'Saturday Night Live' characters - TODAY.com

May 10, 2013 . It's been a long year since Kristen Wiig ditched "Saturday Night Live" for . into a sentence, most of which are her catchphrase "Just kidding.

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Saturday Night Live - Update: Judy Grimes - Video - NBC.com

Update: Judy Grimes. Highlight She is totally just kidding. . May 11 - Kristen Wiig . Air Date: 5/11/2013 . Update: Judy Grimes. She is totally just kidding.


Under the Button » People Who Went To Penn: Kristen Wiig

Dec 8, 2011 . Tags: Features, graduation speaker, Joke Day 2011, just kidding, kristen wiig, mask & wig, nursing, people who went to penn, school of nursing .

Alvey : Kristen Wiig rules. Just kidding. No, I'm not. Just kidding.

Oct 17, 2008 . I saw this video over on TV Squad from the best of Kristen Wiig. I rarely catch the show these days except for the Thursday night debate spoofs .

judy grimes | Tumblr

Kristen Wiig's Best Characters. This is a list of what I think Kristen Wiig's best characters on SNL are: 1. Judy Grimes. image. Improv genius!! 2. Target Lady .

"Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update correspondent Judy Grimes ...

Sep 18, 2008. "Saturday Night Live" skit featuring Kristen Wiig as Judy Grimes, a nervous travel expert who can't help but remind people she's just kidding.

A Salute to Every Hilarious Kristen Wiig Character — Except Gilly

Kristen Wiig is a comic genius. So our hearts went pitter-patter . She just tells a quick succession of lies followed by "just kidding." Why We Love Her: We hate .

Top 10 Kristen Wiig moments on SNL - VIDEOS - TV

Oct 15, 2008 . Ever since her Saturday Night Live debut in 2005, Kristen Wiig has been stealing . The speed of Judy Grime's "just kidding, just kidding" puts .

Fuck Yeah Kristen Wiig, Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding.

best part of life just kidding i love her just kidding shes amazing just kidding just kidding just kidding. amentalmindfuck reblogged this from fuckyeahkristenwiig .

Watch Saturday Night Live: Update: Judy Grimes online | Free | Hulu

Watch Saturday Night Live: Update: Judy Grimes free online.

Judy Grimes - Just Kidding - YouTube

Feb 26, 2012 . Judy Grimes - Just Kidding . Just? kidding I was an old born haha . Kathie Lee on SNL Spoof & Kristen Wiig's rendition of Everyone Has a .

Top 10: Kristen Wiig's Best 'SNL' Sketches - ScreenCrush

May 20, 2012 . Top 10: Kristen Wiig's Best 'SNL' Sketches . Kristen Wiig . with her intense nervousness by adding, “Just kidding” after everything she says.

10 Funniest Saturday Night Live Sketches Starring Kristen Wiig ...

Jun 19, 2012 . The very best of Kristen Wiig on SNL. . Wiig's Liza stretches, twists, turns and does just about everything else except the simple . Just kidding.

Saturday Night Live - Judy Grimes: Just Kidding - Video - NBC.com

Judy Grimes: Just Kidding. Highlight . May 11 - Kristen Wiig. Air Date: 5/11/2013 . Weekend Update travel writer, Judy Grimes, is just kidding. Activia Yogurt .

SNL's Travel Expert Judy Grimes Takes On the VolcanoTravelogged ...

Apr 25, 2010. Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live. But if I wanted to learn how to speak very quickly without ever taking a breath with plenty of “just kidding” .

Judy Grimes Reports from Funny Or Die

She is totally just kidding... . Judy Grimes Reports. She is totally just kidding... Post to Google+. Social ON. Social OFF. Facebook's social sharing is on and this .

SNL Transcripts: Anna Faris: 09/27/08: Weekend Update with Amy ...

Sep 27, 2008 . Kristen Wiig . Bill Clinton: [ he guffaws ] Let me just lay it out! I... support... Barack . . Just kidding, that was a little more normal than I say it. "Hi!

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    Instagram photos for tag #kristenwiig | Statigram

    instagram. misswiig. My instant reaction to Kristen Wiig's last episode of SNL. ? # kristenwiig . katiejane304 : #justkidding. alexisschanel : Just kidding. Just .

    Getty Images

    Kristen Wiig 'Saturday Night Live' sketches we want to see ...

    Apr 26, 2013 . Kristen Wiig is coming home again to host the May 11 episode of . after Wiig got through one of Grimes signature ”just kidding” monologues.

    Getty Images

    The Best (and Worst) of Kristen Wiig - thebacklot.com - Gay

    Apr 5, 2012 . You know the type: the bragging party girl who is not satisfied just being . self- conscious that she spews rapid-fire, “just kidding” non-sequiturs .

    Getty Images

    Kristen Wiig 'SNL' Recap: 5 Of the Best Skits - PolicyMic

    May 11, 2013 . Kristen Wiig 'SNL' Recap: 5 Of the Best Skits . I re-watched Kristen Wiig skits and tried to do my best Target lady . Okay, just kidding.

    Getty Images

    Memo to “Saturday Night Live”: Kristen Wiig must be stopped

    Feb 13, 2009 . I think whoever wrote this article needs to relearn the definition of real comedy. just kidding. i think that kristen wiig is one of the best on snl. just .

    [VIDEO] Kristen Wiig Hosts 'Saturday Night Live': Best and Worst ...

    May 12, 2013 . Kristen Wiig Hosts Saturday Night Live: Watch Video of the Best and Worst . I wanted the “Just kidding” lady on Weekend Update but the 2 .

    Saturday Night, Sunday Morning with Kristen Wiig - Nightlife ...

    Apr 6, 2010 . People expect Kristen Wiig to be funny. . required to elicit a three-sentence response from Wiig, who, as Judy Grimes, the “just kidding” lady, .

    We'll Miss You, Kristen Wiig! - Gurl.com

    May 21, 2012 . Kristen Wiig made her final SNL performance this weekend. . Kristen Wiig as a bi-curious reporter made for some of the most . Just kidding!

    Kristen Wiig characters on SNL (Clickable) - Sporcle

    May 21, 2012 . Play the Kristen Wiig characters on SNL (Clickable) Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia and game site on the web!

    Its Official: Kristen Wiig is Leaving 'Saturday Night Live' - Yahoo ...

    May 20, 2012 . On May 19, 2012, Kristin Wiig made her final appearance as a regular . (just kidding) who never had the best advice to give (just kidding) or .

    Saturday Night Live Clip (Update: Judy Grimes) - IMDb

    Description: She is totally just kidding... Related Titles: Anna Faris/Duffy, Saturday Night Live. Related Names: Kristen Wiig. Content Rating: NOT RATED .

    Judy Grimes - Saturday Night Live Wiki

    SNL Kristen Wiig - Judy Grimes. Judy Grimes. Occupation: Weekend Update's Travel Expert. Catch Phrase(s): "Just kidding..." "Hiiii!" Appearance(s): April 12, .

    Kristen Wiig broke a tooth at her final 'SNL' after-party and other ...

    Jul 10, 2012 . (Courtesy Marie-Claire) Kristen Wiig is the cover girl in the August issue of Marie Claire. . “I'm on the cover of Marie Claire ... just kidding.

    'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Mick Jagger Rocked, Kristen Wiig ...

    'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Mick Jagger Rocked, Kristen Wiig Bowed Out . Just kidding, the lively (seriously, does this guy ever slow down?) rocker turned out .

    Kristen Wiig Has Retired Two of Her SNL Characters -- Vulture

    May 3, 2011 . Kristen Wiig Has Retired Two of Her SNL Characters. By Kyle . And "just kidding I'm kidding just kidding I'm not kidding." Baby-hands was .

    The Influence of Anxiety: Kristen Wiig, SNL, and Self-Consciousness ...

    May 25, 2012 . What we find in Wiig's work on SNL is not just an actor who has mastered . set of untruths, about which she is always ultimately “just kidding.

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Twitter / nbcsnl: 5/11: #KristenWiig returns!!! ...

Apr 26, 2013 . @nbcsnl Thank you so much for booking Kristen Wiig as host! . @nbcsnl YES!!! just kidding, I don't like her. just kidding, WOW WIIG WILL BE .

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Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig, Sailing or Sunk? [TV Recap ...

May 12, 2013 . The double-edged sword of powerhouse Kristen Wiig. SAILING. . It's really a closed market for Kristen on these guys (just kidding.). Anyway .

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Kristen Wiig Has A Solution For Global Warming - Jezebel

Nov 18, 2011 . Kristen Wiig Has A Solution For Global Warming . Just kidding I'm just suffering from allergies and sensitive to light and my vision is blurry. Just .

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[VIDEO] Kristen Wiig Returns To 'SNL' - Deadline

May 12, 2013 . I hate Gilly, just the worst. She should . SNL can still be funny, but Kristen Wiig's characters just all fell flat last night. . Are you kidding me?

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Kristen Wiig's Top 12 Characters/Impressions From SNL ...

Aug 23, 2010 . Kristen Wiig is so spot on with her impression of Jamie Lee Curtis, . Her, “just kidding”, rants go on and on and it is unbelievable how Kristen is .

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Kristen Wiig's Best Impressions On 'SNL' Supercut: Kris Jenner ...

Dec 9, 2011 . Lorne Michaels has gone on record to say that "Saturday Night Live" standout Kristen Wiig is among the very best players the show has ever .

Kristen Wiig in Gilly The Silly Assassin - Comediva

May 25, 2012 . Kristen Wiig in Gilly The Silly Assassin Because the world needs as much of her as . Just Kidding, you're only standing there... just kidding." .

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I have a thing for Kristen Wiig! (humor) | Writing by Alan Annand

Apr 10, 2011 . Okay, I'm going public with my love for Kristen Wiig of Saturday Night Live. No, just kidding, I don't love her, just her kooky characters. Seriously .

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Here's The Thing: Kristen Wiig Transcript - WNYC

Apr 9, 2012 . Kristen Wiig: Are you kidding me? Alec Baldwin: Like a paranormal Blair Witch thing, where we're just completely loosey-goosey and there are .

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SUNDAY MORNING LIVE: Is It Really Possible That Kristen Wiig's ...

May 12, 2013 . All of your questions about the Kristen Wiig-hosted episode will be . How'd Kristen Wiig do? . No wait, I'm just kidding about just kidding.

SNL Quotes & Characters - Pinterest

Just kidding. It's not. Just kidding. It is. Just kidding, actually it's another hilarious SNL character by Kristen Wiig. Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding... 17 likes .

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SNL Kristen Wiig Skits? - Ask.com

Kristen Wiig bid a nostalgic departure to the SNL arena this Saturday night. . Kristen Wiig is the fast talking comic who always says Just kidding on Saturday .

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Kristen Wiig - Athlete and Celebrity Marketing

Let TSE Speakers arrange your next Kristen Wiig appearance including a Kristen . Update correspondent who always repeats the phrase, “Just kidding” in her .

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